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The Sense Awakens - Our Planet is Saved

196 parties met, ate, played and at times did some serious business. It all happened in Paris in the cold light of Winter. 196 countries made up COP21 - an Empire that has more Nations than United Nations. The Conference of Parties 21 (COP21), trashed out all grievances, and in less than 2 weeks arrived at an unanimous agreement with such ease that put all mini Empires to shame including EU, OECD, OPEC, ASEAN, OAU, CIS, SAARC, EEU, OAS, G7 and G20. The critics were out in force the day after the Champagne popped. Limiting temperature rise to 2% was not achievable, they said. Zero emission by 2050 was not enforceable, they claimed. What did they expect? COP21 does not have an armed force, police force, not even a traffic cop. No one cared. All 196 members went home beaming from ear to ear. News moguls were happy. Empty pages of all the dying newsprint corporations for once were filled up with news other than blood and gore of conflicts and killings from demented minds.

​Warren Buffet was happy. Investment in BYD, an electric vehicle builder already earned him a handsome profit​. His $130 billion portfolio could now pivot e. Electric is the happening word, electric vehicle (EV) the poster child, the child that would sell bonds, shares and attract further investments. EVs would turn cities smelling like roses. EVs would create jobs. EV is now a revolution

​Elon Musk was also rubbing his hands with glee. ​COP21 agreement didn't come at a better time. His SpaceX Falcon 9 landed on earth, upright. If I were him, I would have been utterly intoxicated with Champagne​, never mind that Apollo 11 already landed on the moon in 1969. This was earth. This was home ground.​ COP21 would now propel his net worth into a higher orbit from his other prodigious son, Tesla Motors. Tesla, in US, has already outperformed GM, Nissan, VW and BMW in EV sales leaving them far behind in her wake. The European and the Chinese markets are also in the crosshairs of Tesla Motors. With a sales volume of 50,000 EVs in 2015, Tesla wants the Chinese market. With a Gigafactory capacity to power 500,000 EV by 2020, Tesla badly needs the projected runaway market leader in EVs. All his savviness could not help Elon Musk this time. China seemed to have stumped him. Tesla sold only 4000 EVs to China in 2015 , way below expectations. After all, his name alone could launch a thousand cars, his boyish looks, a million but China is a different kettle of fish. It does not follow Western marketing and management skillset. It has a mind of its own. Was it a lost in translation? It could be that the Chinese writes from top to bottom and right to left. The back page is the front page. Does Google translate know that it has to translate from right to left?

​London Taxi is now owned by a Chinese auto maker. It is going green with a new hybrid, the TX5, to be launched to meet the 2017 zero emission ruling for taxis in London by Boris Johnson, Mayor of Lon​don. I have yet to figure out though how a hybrid could have zero carbon emission. Maybe I am also suffering from a lost in translation.

​All eyes are now on Los Angeles, venue of the undisputed leading edge Auto Show. ​CES 2016 is the official name aka Consumer Electronic Show. Did all eyes land on the wrong city? Apparently not. Motor shows have evolved. The line is getting fuzzy between the engine and the motor, the electric and the electronic, The draw is the latest concept cars with motors that do not resemble the motor that we know. They are fitted not with the internal combustion engine but with the electric motor. They are fitted with sensors, and computers. Some are autonomous, with half a brain. They have no exhaust and no emissions. They seduce with names like Google and Apple, names more synonymous with electronics. Auto shows are now an industry on its own. Selling tickets is a booming business, selling cars a bonus. Enthusiasts, environmentalists, competitors, and dreamers all flocked there to ogle at the latest innovations; to witness the latest Industrial Revolution. They draw in the perennial auto bums, moving from one auto show to another and the auto bums would be heading for Beijing Auto Show next after CES 2016. Manufacturers did not disappoint. Each one has at least one e car - Tesla Model X, VW e-Golf, e-microbus, BMW i3, Chevy Bolt, Mecedes B class, Nissan Leaf, Porsche Mission E, Audi e-tron Quattro and many more.

With such enthusiasm, 2016 would be the year of e-transport, a year of non stop chatter on climate change. Reverse freak weather phenomena? Reverse rise in sea level and receding ice? Join the party. 2016 is the year of dopamine charged parties, of feeling good; the drug? EV.

Our planet is saved, mankind has survived.

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