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ALGAE is the most overlooked food that has only just dawned on sustainable advocates that here is a food for the have nots, the hungry, the poor and it is in plain sight. Algae can be found everywhere that is damp; in bathtubes, ponds, swimming pools, even on the tiles outside the house. The words Malthusian Catastrphe can now be banished, the hunger would be fed and mass malnutrition, famine, would be a thing of the past. Algae has survived the earth's violent and tempestuous past over 3 billion years, through 5 mass extinctions. Algae, with protien as high as beef, contains all the essential amino acids and packed with nutrients, is a wonder food


CHER ECOCITY grows, harvests, dry and powderize the algae. CHER EcoCity produces the following

  1. algae powder

  2. patties

  3. hamburgers



  • Blue-Green Cyanobacteria

  • Name: Spirulina

  • 200-500 dry kg per day

  • Most of the produce is exported



  • Land area: 3 hectares (7.5 acres)

  • Pond with running water 4 meters wide. Total pond area: 20,000 square meter

  • Drying area

  • Kitchen

  • Store









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