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The Earth is endowed with an endless source of energy, travelling at 300,000 km/s over a distance of 150 million km from the sun, striking the Earth's surface at 1 KW of energy per square meter, giving a total of 174 quadrillion watts. This energy is produced by the process of fusing two hydrogen atoms to form helium atoms and during the process gives out an enormous amount of energy. Scientists have replicated fusion in weapons in the 1950s and in laboratory experiments but they are not quite there yet in controlling the energy produced. In the meantime the energy from the sun is free for us to gladly make use of. 


Photo Voltaic (PV) panels converts the sun's energy to electricity. International Energy Agency predicted that global solar PV capacity could reach 3,000 GW or 11% of projected global electricity generation by 2050


​2014 worldwide solar capacity has reached 178 GW, though not a huge figure compared to the overall ​total capacity, as China alone is 1,200 GW, but it is enough to send PV panels plunging from $8 per watt 10 years ago to $0.4 per watt today. Solar plants are now competitive cost wise against fossil fuel plants and other renewable energy plants


​We are happy to take advantage of today's low prices​ to bring the world one step closer to a zero carbon emission living. PPFG uses its expertise to produce and install solar plants from retail scale stand alone and grid-tied net metering plants to commercial scale with Power Sharing Agreement or Fit-In Tariff Agreement. PPFG will invest in plants with a good Return On Investment. Besides small retail plants for home use, PPFG also has detailed design for 30 MW, 40 MW and 100 MW plants.


Renewable Energy - Solar Energy

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