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1775 "Give me Liberty or give me death. 2016 "Give me my planet, so our children shall live" The Revolution has begun.

OPEC is cracking everywhere! ​The has-been cartel is no more cartel-ish. Oil price has a mind of its own, stuck at a ceiling of $50, Demand for oil is just not there. What happened to all the gas guzzling SUVs that car manufacturers never cease to produce in record numbers? USA job numbers remain low. Sure, for every job added to the car industry, another is lost in the Oil and Gas industry. Climate Change phobia did not disappoint.

​Innovation, technology, disruption, change, old words in lexicons, now fashionable words to drive the world ​into a frenzy, to spur a World Revolution. Change becomes climate change and innovation becomes disruptive innovation. We are at a critical juncture. The World Revolts! Mine lithium, mine uranium, mine the sun's power, dam the rivers - the World is at war.

​United Nations COP21 was a resounding success. $200 billion was pledged by developed nations. Bring it on, spend it to feed The Revolution.

Build Electric Vehicles, autonomous cars, driver-less cars. There is unfinished business here. A silicon Valley car manufacturer is stealing all the limelight. Tesla, which produced only 50,000 cars in 2015, sold 245,000 Model 3s in just 24 hours.

China, with its 50 electric car manufacturers, could not do that in the 5 months of 2016. There is definitely unfinished business. Bring ​out​ the $200 billion, fuel the revolution. Never mind the ​seemingly ​lack of interest in Electric Vehicles (EV). The show must go on. Auto Beijing 2016 attracted record crowds. There were record numbers of electric cars on show. There were foreign makes, local makes, prancing troupes, violinists and catwalks. The rain did not stop the mountain of people jamming into the numerous ​ pavilions packed with cars. Each manufacturer had at least one electric model on display.

​Who is the prettiest lass in the World? Who is the cleanest, the quietest, ​the most popular, the most respected with the most friends? She is the first to achieve Zero Carbon Emission. She is the Queen of Nations, the Showcase for Climate Change. United Nation believes that it is possible by 2050, Nederlands believes that it is possible by 2035 and I say why take so long? Increase petroleum tax, increase petrol and diesel car duties,, build a network of fast charging stations, assign special roads dedicated to electric vehicles, trade-in gasoline cars and finance the EVs, Send the $200 billion to help poor country to achieve Zero Carbon Emission.

​One developing Nation is about to embark on a journey to achieve Zero Carbon Emission by 2021, with an ambitious blueprint to electrify the whole transport system. ​That's impossible, many claimed. That's ridiculous, the non believers chimed in. A nation challenged in importing gasoline, importing diesel and importing LPG cannot wear blinkers. A proud nation that aspires to be First World cannot be 'a frog in a well'. A fledgling nation must seize the moment, seize the innovation, the technology and ride the Revolution. The Government must have the will. The people must have the will. The whole world waits. The whole world watches this nation.

The author is a proponent of Electric Vehicles, Solar Energy and Hydro Energy. The Nation mentioned in the last paragraph is real. The author has a website:

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