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Brexit To A Green Neo-Pax Britannica

Brexit To A Green Neo-Pax Britannica

It was a ruse, rigged! It was a plan all along to create a 21st Century Pax Britannica. It was propaganda, playing on fear, fear of remaining, fear of leaving and in the end the best man won, paving the way for a Neo-Pax Britannica. UK is overshadowed by Germany in the EU, overwhelmed by a tripartite Germany, France and Italy - further reduced to buckshee, an ordinaire, when the tripartite is joined by Spain, Nederlands, Belgium and Austria and the rest of the 28 countries. A proud nation is not used to playing second fiddle. Pride is in its genes; Leader of The Pack, its DNA.

The 'best man' knew that the pound would fall, uncertainty would take over, the globe would feel the earthquake. No country is spared. The move kept Janet Yellen at bay, kept interest rate at its nadir. It is time to gear up for export

Uncertainty is good for business, a lower pound is good for business, it is time to reap the profits, time to exploit fear, time to invest in UK, time to ape Trump's slogan - Make UK Great Again.

Brexit is history. In comes Brentry to a Neo-Pax Britannica and the petrification of a 53 State Commonwealth of Nations; a Commonwealth Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) in the offing? Pan Pacific Agreement (PPA) is dead, North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), brainchild of The Three Amigos of Obama, Trudeau and Nieto is dead. Both Trump and Clinton want none of it. Let the World panic. The pound is low. Time to give assets sold to the Chinese, the Arabs, the Yanks, the Russians and the Germans, when the pound was high, a run for their money.

The British is good in manufacturing automobiles. UK was the second largest automotive manufacturer in the world until the 1950s. The automobile industry will spearhead Neo-Pax Britannica. The UK automotive industry is worth $100 billion with a 1 trillion potential. It has 30 manufacturers. The pound is dropping. It is time to boost exports. In 1972 UK exported 1.9 million automobiles. By 2000 production has receded to 1.6 million and 1 million during the 2008 financial crises. During this period, MG Rover, the pride of UK, went through a revolving door of ownership, finally landing in China under Shanghai Automotive (SAIC), Roll-Royce ended up in BMW and Jaguar Land Rover, in TATA. Since 2008 and with the help of the depreciating Pound Sterling, production increased back to 1.6 million. New investments poured in from Honda, Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover and others. The iconic London Black Cab, turned Chinese in 2013, is investing $465 to build a new electric model, the TX5. The Coventry plant would produce 36,000 cabs per year

The depreciation of the Pound Sterling post Brexit has filled the industry with turbo charged euphoria. All are poised for a windfall - including Aston Martin, Bugatti, TVR, Mclaren, Morgan, Lotus, Bentley, Caterham, small and big producers alike are geared up for the industry's resurgence.

Some may change hands. There will be new entrants like Dyson. There is optimism in the air.

London will be introducing the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) by 2018, courtesy of Boris Johnson and now Sadiq Khan. All cars including taxis should be Zero Carbon Emission enabled, the last word probably meant that hybrid cars are Par For The Course. It is a strange move for a proud city as if it encourages hybrid cars, as if it encourages some pollution but winners look for windfalls, period. The word enabled would muddle the masses. She will be right - to borrow an Aussie term, as long as it also muddles the investors and their customers. In competition to London Cab is Metrocab, of Indian owned Frazer- Nash Research. Not only does it resemble the TX5, it is also zero Carbon Emission enabled - yes, its also a muddled plug-in hybrid. Sigh! No one noticed that Ultra Low Emission is not Zero Carbon Emission.

Brentry welcomes investments to its lucrative automotive industry. Automotive Investment Organization (AIO) awaits, UK Trade and Investments (UKTI) awaits, Automotive Council and together with Advance Propulsion Center are the vanguard of the Brentry Revolution for Zero Carbon Emission Transportation - though not sure whether it is "enabled".

Not quite Formula 1, Formula E, punching above its weight, nevertheless finished its 2015/2016 season with a bang in London barely a week after Brexit. The new Kid On The Block is ticked in all the right boxes: Electric Vehicle, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable Mobility, Environment, Entertainment, Sports and Charisma (in Richard Branson, owner of one of the racing teams, DS Virgin). The 2016/2017 season will debut 2 heavyweight cities; Montreal and New York. Formula E will be the future, a green future. Formula E will surpass Formula 1, Richard said...or perhaps 2021; but who cares, give or take a few years, Formula E has the youth, has the energy going for it

The UK automotive industry is turning various shades of green - the HEV, the PHEV, the BEV and ULEV. The UK Plug-in Car Grant of PDS 5000 can't tell the different shades, nonetheless, all Battery Plug-ins (BEV) welcomed the move from the Government when it was extended to 2018. For a country that could enter the Guinness Book of Records, if there is such a category as having the most number of dormant car marques, EV is the future. The sleeping marques were waiting for the right opportunity; the sleeping marques will turn electric at the bat of an eyelid. The sleeping marques are not burdened with investments in Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car development that are already regarded as the development of an old fossil by many. Here comes Lightning, of The Lightning Car Company, a 4 sec 0-60 mph electric beast with a range of 360 km. Eat your heart out competitors.

Wilson Chin is passionate in Renewable Energy and a proponent for climate change. Wilson will be the first to help a third world country achieve zero carbon emission. He is willing to wager anyone who believes otherwise. His website is He has a profile on Linkedin.

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